Reduce Stress andIncrease Wellbeingin the Workplace

Take ownership of your staff health

Corporate Wellness

Practices such as meditation, mindfulness, NLP, life coaching and reiki have been well documented for their capacity to reduce stress and anxiety and also improve health. At work, lower stress equates to greater satisfaction, creativity, productivity and reduced absenteeism and time sitting at work under the weather!

Progressive employers are also more likely to attract a greater calibre of recruit – businesses the world over are realising this and incorporating wellness practices into their workplaces.

From both the employers and employee’s perspective there are many benefits;

Benefits For The Employer:

  • Reduction in sick days
  • Reduction in stress, anxiety and depression
  • Cost benefit of improved wellness
  • Improvement in workplace atmosphere
  • Team building
  • Accelerated learning and creativity
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Improvement to posture
  • Improved sales

Benefits For The Employee:

  • Calming of the nervous system and therefore clearer mind
  • Improved workplace atmosphere
  • Improvement to digestion, sleep, energy levels and posture
  • Improvement to family life and relationships
  • Relief of emotional frustration
  • Greater connection to your passions


Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will create a package that is just right for your organisation.

Meditation with a twist

Do you want to achieve things in life, have a clearer vision and want to get there fast then let’s meditate and slow down?  It’s time to take control of the mind and achieve what we want.

The purpose of this session is to help you:

  • Feel relaxed and at peace
  • Feel Grounded
  • Teach you techniques in order for you to take control of your own health
  • Gives you the strength you need to deal with the day to day pressures
  • Group meditation helps people connect with each other as they are on a similar page
  • Moves you away from the problem focused attitude to solution focused attitude
  • You become better at handling conflicts and challenges of life
  • You focus and concentration improves and become more organised
  • You become more compassionate
  • You have better sleep
  • Your productivity improves and sickness is reduced
  • You become more creative and think out of box
  • Changes the culture from a blame game to supporting each other
  • In control of the situations so no stress or anxiety
  • You achieve a lot more in life as you are more focused and
  • Feel relaxed and calm
  • Increases your capacity to learn
  • Reduces sickness as it improves your immune system and metabolism
  • Better Anger management
  • Less aches and Pains as muscles are relaxed
  • Become more compassionate
  • Harmonious atmosphere

Take ownership of your own health

At Divine Health we can help you in many ways. Whether it be via Life Coaching, Reiki, Chakra balancing, Reflexology, Body Massage or Indian Head massage.

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